Dalby Big Air

Pilot Information/Local Rules

Dalby Big Air



Competition Organiser – Bruce Crerar – 0418 711 821 

Competition Director – Annie Crerar – 0419 739 900



At the DHGC Hangar on practice day from 10am to 4pm.



GPS downloads will be available at the DHGC Hangar from 4pm to 6pm on the practice day or via What’s Ap.



FS. Parameters to be notified at briefing on the first day of competition.
At the end of each flying day please drop your instrument into the hangar for downloading. The Scorer will usually be in attendance, however, if not please leave your instrument on the table with your name on it.
If you have an instrument that has a different download cable to the usual ones used then please make sure you have it with you. It makes the Scorer’s job a lot easier.



Briefing will be held at the DHGC hangar each morning at 9am.
All committees will be nominated on the first competition day at the morning briefing by a pilot vote. There will be a TASK, SAFETY and PROTEST committee.



There will be 2 launch lines and launching will follow an ordered launch list.
For the first competition day the launch order will be determined by a RANDOM launch order by draw.
For the remainder of the competition the launch order will be determined by the overall scores with the top 1/3 of the field reversed.
If an Alternate Launch is used then a maximum of 10 pilots will be allotted. The Alternate Launch will be determined by a random draw BEFORE each morning task briefing. Pilots wishing to nominate for the Alternate Launch can do so by putting their name in the jar PRIOR to briefing each day. The draw will be performed before the task is shown.
If a pilot does not get to launch within the allotted Alternate Launch time then they will go back to their order in the main launch line.
If a pilot refuses to launch within the Alternate Launch time then they go to the BACK of the main launch line.
If a pilot launches in the Alternate Launch time and bombs out after the Alternate Launch time has finished then they go to the BACK of the main launch line.



If a pilot has a weak link break ON TOW AT LOW LEVEL they are to report to the Launch Marshall on their launch line to be slotted back into the line FIVE places back from the head of the line.
If you have a weak link break on tow LAND STRAIGHT AHEAD and move off to the side of the launch area as quickly as possible. DO NOT carry your glider down the centre of the launch area as this is the tug taxi and takeoff zone.
If a pilot DOES NOT have a low level weak link break but bombs out and has to re-fly then they will go to the BACK of the launch line.
Please try to land on the launch line you were originally on if possible.
Please follow any directions/instructions given to you by the Launch Marshall’s.



The airfield at Dalby is a working airfield with a moderate to large amount of traffic. ALWAYS look out for other aircraft in the airport vicinity, approach as directed on out and return tasks and land in the designated hang glider areas. Airspace and airport rules will be discussed at each morning briefing.
YOU are responsible for having all your equipment for aerotowing INCLUDING weak links and rings for your tow bridle. These WILL NOT be supplied for you.
If you are given the tow rope please try to drop it over the airfield (away from the launch area). Please mark and enter the point where you dropped it on your GPS and notify the Competition Director or Launch Marshall’s so the rope can be retrieved.
If you have to land at the airfield while towing operations are still in progress please try not to land in front of the launch lines, as this is the tug take off area.



DON’T DRIVE INTO ANY PROPERTY WITHOUT PERMISSION!! and only drive on roads or tracks that the property owner has made. DON’T DRIVE INTO PADDOCKS EVER!!
Try to avoid landing in paddocks under crop or with livestock in them.
In cases of an outlanding emergency DIAL 000. Please advise the Competition Organiser or Director of the situation as soon as possible.



The speed limit in the airport grounds is 10km/hr. Please slow down when driving to and from the DHGC hangar.
Please be courteous and polite to all airport users.
Camping on the airport grounds is permitted down by the Green Hangar at the entrance to the airport on the right hand side. There is power and toilet facilities available but no shower facilities.



Please remove all rubbish from your campsite prior to leaving.
Noise is to be kept at a minimum at night as courtesy to other people who live near the camping area.
NO UNRESTRAINED ANIMALS are allowed in the airport grounds.



During the Dalby Big Air the hangar is used as competition headquarters. The hangar will be open from 8am to 8pm daily. The hangar will be locked overnight and we do not allow people to sleep in the hangar.
No Smoking permitted in the hangar.
No Hang Gliders are to be set up or left in the hangar as the hangar is used for storing the tug aircraft.
There is a selection of drinks available from the DHGC fridge. The fridge is run on an honesty system and there is a plastic box in the fridge for donations.